Yorkshire Oak Bowl by Joseph Heu

A turned and adzed oak shallow fruit bowl by the studio of Robert "Mouseman" Thompson and carver Joseph Heu.

Josef Heu (1876-1952) was born in Marburg an der Drau (Slovenia which was then part of Austro- Hungarian empire) and died in Ampleforth, Yorkshire. He was a p ainter, sculptor, teacher and indeed Professor at Vienna University of Applied Arts up to 1938. He married the daughter of the General Director of the Vienna Opera House with whom he had two sons. His wife and sons travelled ahead to England 1938, upon which he followed in 1939. There they were given a home by the monks at Ampleforth (and from there the Mouseman connection) and later lived at nearby Coxwold.
Some of his work can be found at St Aidan’s Church in Harehills, Leeds, home of the famous Brangwyn mosaic; a ceramic plaque of the Last Supper. St Aidan’s already holds two works by Heu – a large statue in wood of Mary presenting the Christ Child to the world, known as The Redeemer, and a set of 14 Stations of the Cross. The Redeemer statue carved in a single piece of wood given to him by Robert (Mouseman) Thompson.

Made by Joseph Heu (Austrian 1876 - 1952) and thence by family decent.

Circa 1940

Approx. Dimensions:
24cm Diameter
10cm Height

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